The right people, at the right place, at the right time…


The FSC exclusively employs qualified specialists within the industrial technical branch. Due to the diverse working experience that accompanies our staff, we can guarantee a wide scope of operating range.

Knowledge and skills of our staff derive from various professionals, thus our co-workers form a unit that is looking forward to put the practical touches on your projects. All times and everywhere!




Be flexible. Stay flexible.

Benefit from the advantages of a subcontractual business relation!   Our specialists offer your company the possibility to ‘breath’: Depending on the requirements of your projects, your staff expands and shrinks, without unnecessary expenses and administration effort. You enjoy rapid access to qualified personnel as well as a scope and flexibility for every order situation.



“When two people do the same thing, it’s not the same”


Our staff consists of young and dynamic workers as well as of experienced specialists who impress with convincing references and matchless realization of various projects. We rely on the interaction of motivation, experience and team spirit since only this connection encourages the enthusiasm for origination processes and supports the strenght to solve problems and the ability to make decisions.

Place your trust in us and we let your ideas come true!

Competent specialist contact people are waiting to assist you with the planning of your projects.